Jean Le Pautre (1618-1682) Hand coloured Ornamental PLINTHS on folio - Classical arts


Jean Le Pautre (1618-1682)

Leaf 33.5 x 21.3 cm

Hand colour (possibly later).

Outstanding rich dark impression.

Richly imaginative ornament print by one of the masters of pure ornament design, a creator of the Louis XIV style. 

Designed and engraved by Jean Le Pautre (1618-1682), whom the Getty Museum calls “the most important and imaginative ornament engraver of the 17th century”. Elder brother of the architect Antoine Le Pautre, Jean worked for many years at the Gobelins tapestry works, and is famed for his flamboyant designs. He became a member of the Paris Academy in 1677.

From the 1751 issue on fine watermarked paper.