G. B. Ferrari (1584-1655) Quarto engraving hand colour VIOLACEO FUSCUS 1638 - Botany



Giovanni Baptista Ferrari (1584 - 1655) - Fine Quarto engraving with land colour 1638

Issued in the 1638 edition of Ferrari's spectacular Flora ouero cultura di fiori.

16 x 23.3 cm

Later hand colour.

The engravers who have been identified to have worked on this plates for this work include A.M. Variana, Pietro Cortona, Guido Reni and A Sacchi.

Manuscript addition to lower margin.

Reference: Nissen BBI 620; Pritzel 2877.

A very fine engravings from the first edition in Italian of the earliest treatise on the contemporary flower garden, a masterpiece of baroque copper engraving sponsored by the Barbarini family. The four books describe innovations in garden techniques, choice of site and preparation, and selected species for planting with latest methods. Ferrari details the use of flowers in arrangement, both in the soil and as artistic devices; knowing their various characteristics and qualities he describes how best to enjoy each kind.