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Daniel Good Rare Books and Engravings

1851 Strawberries, fine hand coloured 4to lithograph, fruit

1851 Strawberries, fine hand coloured 4to lithograph, fruit

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Published in the “Buch Der Welt” and dated 1851

Line lithograph with vibrant hand colour.

25.5 x 19.7 cm

Good condition.

"Each plate shows a different plant in flower, including many exotic species from America and other distant lands. The plant dominates the foreground, filling the entire page, often with a detail of the fruit or the flowers presented on a smaller scale… The name of each plant appears written on an elegantly fluttering ribbon or cartouche, or on a crumbling marble plaque. The originality of the work lies, however, in the small landscapes that have been inserted into the background of the plates. Here the artist gave full rein to his imagination, delineating scenes that in reality bore little relation to the actual habitat of the plants. Pastorals with animals and figures alternate capriously with vistas of walled cities and landscapes containing classical statues and ruins." (Lucia Tongiorg
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