1830 G. Lory; Hurlimann - Tell’s Chapel Switzerland - Large hand col. aquatint - ‘Klein Meister’ Master Print


Swiss “Klein Meister”

Gabriel Lory; J. Huerlimann.

La Chapelle de Guillaume Tell sur le Lac des Quatre-Cantons. avec la fête religieuse qu'on célèbre chaque année en mémoire des événemens de 1307


Exquisite hand coloured aquatint in a very large format. A fine example of the quality of graphic and intricate hand colouring produced by the Swiss School.

Leaf: 43 x 34 cm

The Tellskapelle ("Tell's chapel")[1] is located on the Tellsplatte or Tellenplatte ("Tell's slab") on the shore of Lake Lucerne at the foot of the Axenberg cliffs (an offshoot ridge of Glärnisch, 1,022 m), in the Sisikon municipality, canton of Uri, Switzerland. It is across the Bay of Uri (Urnersee) from the Rütli, some 4.3 km away.

At one stage taken out of a frame and margins cleaned. Expert repairs to sky and along borders.