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1826 Girenbad, Turbental, Zurich, Switzerland, fine aquatint

1826 Girenbad, Turbental, Zurich, Switzerland, fine aquatint

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Exquisite aquatint (bird’s eye view): 

Gyrenbad, Turbental, Zurich

Published 1820.

Sheet size: 11.2 x 16.5 cm.

Girenbad (also Gyrenbad) is a district of Hutzikon in the municipality of Turbenthal in the canton of Zurich in Switzerland, known as an outdoor watch. The group of houses in Girenbad consists mainly of the Gasthof Gyrenbad, which belongs to the Swiss Historic Hotels.

The newly founded Zurich Medical Association "Zum Schwarzen Garten" dedicated a detailed description to the Gyrenbad in its New Year's Journal of 1826. At that time, the spa offered accommodation for 90 guests. In the bathhouse there were 35 wooden bath tubs as a cleaning bath with water and milk curs. In 1823 today's west wing and in 1843 instead of the bathhouse the present east wing (diary hall building) was added.

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