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1816 Whitcombe; Sutherland - Maritime: Capture of LA MINERVA Revolutionary Wars - Warships

1816 Whitcombe; Sutherland - Maritime: Capture of LA MINERVA Revolutionary Wars - Warships

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Antique aquatint by Thomas Whitcombe

Plate identified at bottom left as painted by T. Whitcombe and bottom right T. Sutherland (sculpt) who produced the aquatint engravings.

Fromme the fine first edition with original hand colour.

Capture of La Minerve off Toulon, June 24th 1795

Published by J.Jenkins in 1816 on fine weight wove paper for "The Naval Achievements of Great Britain. From the Year 1793 to 1817"

The approx engraved image area of the plates are 7" x 10.25" (175mm x 260mm). Engraved plate mark area is approx 8.5 x 11.75 (215mm x 300mm). The folio sheet size is approx 11.5" x 14" (290mm x 355mm).

The scene depicts the capture of La Minerve by the British Dido and Lowestoffe off Toulon on 24th June 1795. The French L'Artemise was also involved in the action.

Depicts a confrontation between two British and two French naval ships. Cannon smoke hangs between the vessels. The French La Minerve, in the centre foreground, in port broadside view, has lost the top section of her mainmast and her entire foremast. Her bow is badly damaged with the bowsprit and figurehead gone. Figures can be seen crowding the deck. 

Behind La Minerve, passing on the opposite tack, the starboard stern quarter of a British naval vessel can be seen through the smoke. This vessel has lost her mizzen mast overboard, but is still carrying three courses of sails on her remaining masts and flying the Red Ensign on her main mast. On the right of the picture, further away, two vessels, one French, one British, both on the same tack, are seen in port stern quarter view exchanging cannon fire. Their sails are intact, but holed; otherwise, both vessels appear to be in better condition than those in the foreground.

Excellent condition.

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