1548 Johannes Stumpf - Scarce map of Greece, Albania, Sea Monsters - First Issue


Extremely rare. Published in Gemeiner Loblicher Eydgenossenschaft Stetten Lander und Volckern Chronikwürdiger thaaten beschreibung ... Zürich, Christoffel Froschauer, 1548. 

The map was prepared by Johannes Stumpf (1500-1576) engraved by Heinrich I. Vogtherr (1490-1556) from Strassburg.

Offered on the full folio leaf with 3 additional woodcuts of coats of armour and one portrait.

Leaf: 37 x 23.5 cm

Map: 17 x 12.2 cm

Uncolored in the original state. 

Two single worm holes to right margin, otherwise in excellent overall condition.