1548 Joh. Stumpf - Battle by Sempach Switzerland - Habsburg Wars - woodcut leaf - Military history


Fine original woodcut leaf from the exceedingly rare first issue of Stumpf’s Swiss Chronicle, published in 1548 [Gemeiner loblicher Eydgnoſchafft Stetten Landen vnd Völckeren Chronik wirdiger thaaten beſchreybung […]. 2 Bde. Zürich: Christoph Froschauer, 1548.]

13,1 x 16,7 cm on full folio leaf. Coats of Arms to verso.

The Battle of Sempach was fought on 9 July 1386, between Leopold III, Duke of Austria and the Old Swiss Confederacy. The battle was a decisive Swiss victory in which Duke Leopold and numerous Austrian nobles died. The victory helped turn the loosely allied Swiss Confederation into a more unified nation and is seen as a turning point in the growth of Switzerland. 

Excellent condition.