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Antoine Caron (1521–1599); Folio - Antigone, the daughter of Oedipus - 1615 - Mythology

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In Greek mythology, Antigone was the daughter of Oedipus and his mother, Jocasta. ... Antigone then pleaded to Creon, the successor to the throne, to bury Polynices; Creon did not allow it as Polynices was considered a traitor. As a result, Antigone buried her brother by herself, leading to her arrest.

Engraving 24.4 x 19.7 cm on large folio leaf.

One of a suite of engravings produced for Philostrates'  "Les Images ou Tableaux de platte peinture des deux Philostrates Sophistes grecs et les statues de Callistrate" which were to prove to be extremely influential throughout the 17th Century.

Reference: Brunet IV: 620; Landwehr Romantic Emblem Books 586; Praz p.128.