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1847 Socialist, Satirical Broadsheet, Constitution of Belgium

1847 Socialist, Satirical Broadsheet, Constitution of Belgium

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Broadsheet [‘Einblattdruck]

Confusion, Contitution, Reaction

33.5 x 28 cm

Issued separately for subscribers to the “Deutscher Bruesseler Zeitung”, 15 April, 18147

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During 1847, the kingdom's constitutional problems were characterised by an ever increasing intensification of rivalries between the two major political parties, the Catholics and the Liberals, a factor which brought an end to the Unionism which had been established in 1828. In the midst of growing unrest, in 1847, a number of pacifists, humanitarians, socialist, and Christian democrats had founded the Association Démocratique and sought the solution to the country's problems in the democratization of society and all people. To Brussels, its new residents, Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, attracted numbers of German communists, the Deutscher Arbeiterverein. Marx was also in contact with the English Chartists. All of this activity is best understood against the background of the pathetic plight of the workers and peasants in Flanders. The discontent fed on a host of economic problems which had been by-products of separation from the Dutch economy, and in Flanders there was widespread destitution.

The Deutsche-Brüsseler-Zeitung (DBZ) itself was a twice-weekly newspaper founded by Adelbert von Bornstedt in Brussels in 1847. The newspaper was published from January 1, 1847 to February 27, 1848 with a circulation of just 200 to 300 copies. For a time, the DBZ was the organ of the German Workers' Association in Brussels and the Association Démocratique. The newspaper became known through the collaboration of Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels and Wilhelm Wolff. 

Some light edge wear. One small marginal tear neatly restored. Folds.

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