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1827 STOMACH Bierkowski - Imperial Folio Masterpiece Anatomical Illustration

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Designed by Frick and lithographed in stone by Bierkowski. Beautiful original hand colour.

50.5 x 39 cm

From the extremely rare series: Anatomisch-chirurgische Abbildungen nebst Darstellung und Beschreibung der chirurgischen Operationen nach den Methoden von v. Graefe, Kluge und Rust

Bierkowski gained his medical doctorate in Leipzig in 1829, after the publication of this major work. In 1831 he became professor of surgery at the medical faculty of Krakow.

Bierkowski took on the leadership of the military field hospital in Krakow and was awarded the Gold Cross of the Order of Military Virtue for the generous and effective assistance to the wounded insurgents. His surgical instruments and other memorabilia from his study are part of the collection of the Museum of the Jagiellonian University Faculty of Medicine in Krakow.

Huge format for early stone lithography, Bierkowski’s plates are very rarely found with original hand colour.