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1800-11 Joh. Th. Susemihl - ALPENGEYER Alpine Eagle - Ornithology - Beautifully framed

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Held in attractive wooden frame, with inner gilt border, with glass front. 

Framed by Sebastian D’Orsai.

Engraved Size: 46 x 32 cm 

Frame Size 69 x 53 cm

In very good condition. A faint crease lower edge below mail title (as often).

A beautiful example. 

From ‘Teutsche Ornothologie oder Naturgeshichte aller Vogel’ ed. M Borckhausen; pub. Darmstadt 1800-1811. 

The quality of the hand colouring is of the very best. Minor smudging from rock on which the bird stands.

May need to be remounted.

References: Anker pg 52; Nissen IVB907; Sitwell, Fine Bird Books pg 79

This magnificent and very rare work was published in Germany in answer to the great ornithological works of the time being published in other European countries.  The birds of prey, in particular, are splendid examples of the artistry and craft of the finest German illustrators and printers of the early 1800’s. The illustrations were drawn & engraved by H. Curtmann, Johann Conrad Susemihl, E.F Lichthammer, Johann Theodor Susemihl (brother of J.C.) & Erwin Eduard Susemihl (son of J.C.). The birds are very large, some life size and the birds of prey fill the page in their brooding magnificence, the detail of their plumage superbly rendered in these copper engravings.

Susemihl, Johann Conrad.

In leuchtenden Farben kolorierte Vogeldarstellung.

Meister Rahmen von Sebastian d’Orsai