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1702 Broadside [Einblattdruck] - POLITICA - The ‘Art’ of Politics Johannes Meyer - Politics & Government

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Rare Broadside published as a gift to the youth of Zurich to commemorate the New Year of 1702.


Johannes Meyer

Zurich, 1702 ["Einer Kunst und Tugendliebenden Jugend ab der Burgerlichen Bibliothec am Neüen Jahrstag Ao. 1702 verehrt"].

37.5 x 32.4 cm. Engraving flush mounted at the time of publication.

Allegorical depiction of the art of Politics.

Central cartouche with four allegorical depictions on politics; left and right three emblematic medallions.

Bibliographical references:

Rohr, Neujahrsblätter, S. 3. “Johannes Meyer führte die Tradition seines Vaters Conrad Meyer fort und fertigte Neujahrsblätter für die "tugendliebende Jugend" an.”

Hollstein's German engravings, etchings and woodcuts, Bd. XXVIII, Amsterdam 1980, S. 40, Nr. 136-157