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1668 Very Scarce Broadsheet: Conrad Meyer MEMENTO MORI Dance of Death

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Memento Mori. Ein jeder ist dem Tod verpflicht, Wann, Wie und Wo, das weiss er nicht. (A Putto sleeping on a scull). 
Underneath a rime in two columns of 4 lines each. Einer Tugend liebenden Jugend in Zürich ab der Burgerbibliothec für das 1668 Jahr Verehrt. 
Hollst. XXVII, 323b. 
Size: 16.6 x 22.5 mounted on paper (17th Century).
This allegory on death as sleep, etched by Conrad Meyer, was published by the Burgerlibrary as present for the youth of Zurich on the occasion of the New Year of 1668. In the background a view of Zurich and the river Limmat. In the river are the letters NB, also repeated in the lower right of the image, with the date 5th June 1667. This
date is commemorating the death of the orientalist Johann Heinrich Hottinger who drowned at this location. 
Condition : Very good condition.