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1650-1654 set of 5 emblematic BROADSIDES by Conrad Meyer - Inspirational

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Sinn- und Sittenbilder.

1. Jung gebogen, recht gezogen

2. Junger fuchs, Alter brauchs

3. Am Scheidwaeg nit verfehl, die rechts Strass erwehl

4. Kämpfer wider Dich, so schahest Mich.

5 Es bleib was hin ist: Verlust ist oft Gewin.

Complete set of broadsides published by the Burgerbibibliothek, Zürich between 1650 and 1654.

Five beautifully engraved broadsides with engraved text and illustration by Conrad Meyer. 

Conrad Meyer (1618 Zürich – 1689 Zürich) was a painter, engraver, and medallist of Zürich. He was a student of Matthäus Merian and was successful as a painter of portrait and landscapes, but later specialized on copper engraving, producing many fine and sought after works. He also produced the map of Switzerland by Conrad Gyger (1657) and a Planisphaerium Coeleste (1681).

Engravings ca 19 x 12.2 cm flush mounted at the time and issued as broadsides: 31.5 x 40 cm.

Mounts rather fingered and a little stained. Engraved area in good condition. Extremely rare.