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1597 Copper engraved Sample Sheet by Siebmacher - Embroidery - Trade

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Sample Sheet from Siebmacher Modelbuch

Ca 1597 [possibly from slightly later edition, but not the 1604 edition] 

Newes Modelbuch in Kupffer gemacht, darinnen allerhand Arth Newer Mödel von Dün, Mittel, und Dick ausgeschnidener Arbeit, auch andern Kunstlichen Nehwerck zu gebauchen. 

Nürnberg, (Siebmacher), c 1597

Oblong-8vo. (15 x 19 cm).

Copper engraved plate.

A wonderful survival of one of the Landmark renaissance pattern books and although missing two plates, is remarkable complete compared to most copies held. The plates depict fine designs suited for reproduction using several techniques, including various styles of voided work on the count, lacis (darned knotted net), and buratto (darned woven mesh).  Over time these patterns went on to be executed in weaving, cross stitch, filet crochet, and knitting.

Minor edge wear.