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1548 Heinrich Vogtherr; Woofcut Leaf: Battle scene near Constance - Military History, Switzerland

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The leaf also includes 5 woodcut Coats of Arms by Hans Asper.

Fine leaf from the rare large folio first edition of the Stumpf Chronicle.

37.3 x 23.3 cm

Hans Asper (1499 – March 21, 1571) was a Swiss painter.

37.3 x 23.3 cm

Published in 1548.

Heinrich Vogtherr was an artist, printer, poet and medical author of the Reformation period. Between 1544 and 1546, he worked at at Christoph Froschauer's premier printing workshop for whom he created in this relatively short period, a surprisingly comprehensive and quality-full work, including more than 400 woodcuts for the "Swiss chronicle" (1547/48) by Johannes Stumpf.