Wenceslaus Hollar (1607-1677); The OLD WEASAL and MOUSE Aesop - 1665 - Fable


Wenceslaus Hollar (Bohemian, Prague 1607–1677 London)

23.5 x 18.2 cm

Published for a series of etchings published to illustrate Ogilby's Fables. It comes from from one of the finest illustrated books of the 17th-century, and this series represents the best of Hollar's work

Cat with mouse in its mouth descends some steps in foreground. Above on platform supported by three pillars, are three heaps of corn in which are rats, mice and two weasels. Plate to Aesop's Fables.

Wenceslaus Hollar was a prolific and accomplished Bohemian graphic artist of the 17th century, who spent much of his life in England. He is known to German speakers as Wenzel Hollar; and to Czech speakers as Václav Hollar Czech. He is particularly noted for his engravings and etchings.