1780 Masquelier after Pérignon Large folio engraving SARGANS Switzerland


Peasants walking in the countryside around Sargans, whose church and castle can be seen. Sargans is known for its castle, which dates from before the founding of the Swiss Confederation in 1291. Sargans was also a County of the Holy Roman Empire. In 1798, Sargans became part of the Mels district of the Canton of Linth in the Helvetic Republic. It was incorporated into the Canton of St. Gallen in 1803. Most of the town was destroyed by fire in 1811.

Copper Engraving by Jean-Baptiste Liénard after a Drawing by Nicolas Pérignon.

“Vue de la ville et du château de Sargans, dans le Comté de ce nom appartenant aux huit premiers et anciens Cantons, prise en arrivant de Wallenstadt”

Large folio copper engraving.

Overall: 42.5 x 29.3 cm

Nicolas Perignon or Pérignon, also known as Alexis-Nicolas Perignon, the Elder, was a French painter, draughtsman, and engraver. He specialized in portraits, rustic scenes, landscapes, and seascapes. Perignon was born in Nancy and died in Paris.

Excellent overall condition.