1780 c LONDON Lambeth: Vue d’Optique ‘Residenz des Erzbisschoffs von Canterbury’


Jean Benoit Winckler

Der Pallast oder Residenz des Erzbisschoffs von Canterbury genandt Lambeth, an der Them[…

39.3 x 28.5 cm

Augsburg, au négoce commun de L'Academie Imperiale. Ca 1780.

Early edition of this plate by Winckler. Original hand colour.

Optical prints (or vue d’optique) were made to be viewed in a special apparatus that provided the viewer with an illusion of depth (early 3-D). The large mirror employed in the viewing machine showed the image reversed so many of these views have the titles and information engraved forward and backwards to facilitate viewing in the machine or by hand. These prints were only produced for a short period of time (1740 to 1790) and then were replaced with the invention of the smaller steroviewer. These views are some of the most distinctive and interesting images of the eighteenth century, and their distinctive engraving style, striking perspective and bright original color makes them as visually delightful as they are historically fascinating.

Trimmed with small border but cutting bottom line of text. Age toning to paper as always. Worm hole to lower line of title. Laid down on 18th century musical manuscript (German).