1774 Pamphlet on Toggenburg War of 1712 cooper engraving SINS Switzerland - Book


S.B. Bullinger

New Year’s Pamphlet describing the Toggenburg War of 1712.

Fine copper engraving showing the clashing of troops at Sins, Canton Luzern [Battle of Sins].

The battle of Sins was a military conflict between the Reformed and Catholic towns of the Confederation during the Second Villmerger War. It took place on July 20, 1712 in Sins, in the southern part of the Free Offices (in today's Canton of Aargau). 

On 20 July 1712, the first strike of the forces of the five cantons on the Bernese armed bands occurred at Sins, who then retreated to join the main guard of Bern at Muri (Battle of Sins).

22 x 18 cm

8 pages

Published on New Year’s Day, 1774 by the City Library of Zurich.