1656 MEMENTO MORI after Adriaen van de Venne for Jacob Cats - Religious, Dance of Death


Fine Memento Mori engraving after Adriaen van de Venne for J. Cats published in 1656.

8.8 x 7.2 cm

Fine copper engraving. Text to verso.

Adriaen van de Venne (1589 – 12 November 1662), was a versatile Dutch Golden Age painter of allegories, genre subjects, and portraits, as well as a miniaturist, book illustrator, designer of political satires, and versifier. From 1620 until his death van de Venne made many grisailles and engravings of genre subjects, featuring peasants, beggars, thieves and fools as illustrations of current proverbs and sayings, mostly by Jacob Cats. This work made him famous during his lifetime, and remained popular throughout the 18th century after his death.

Attribution of the engraver is a little more difficult as few engravings after Venne were signed, although it is believed most were completed by J. Swelinc, I. Matham, Wil. Hondius, C. v. Quiborne, D. v. Bremden & possibly others.