1543 Leonhart Fuchs - CROWFOOT / Flore Pleno 2 folio woodcuts 1st Edn 34 x 22 cm - Botany


2 superb hand coloured woodcuts in FOLIO size (recto and verso of one leaf) from:

Leonhart Fuchs

New Kreüterbuch, 

Heinrich Füllmaurer, Albert Meyer (draughtsmen), and Veit Rudolf Speckle (woodcutter)

Basel, Isengrin, 1543 with his watermark to each leaf.

References: VD 16, F 3242; Adams F 1099; Fairfax Murray I, 175; Nissen, BBI 658; Stafleu-C. 1909; Hunt 48

Original 450+ year old leaf. Woodcut of extraordinary beauty with later hand colour. "Fuchs, following Brunfels, was the third of the German Fathers of Botany. He gave us forty plants never before figured... He was also the first of the modern era to attempt to give a botanical glossary of terms, presenting it in alphabetical order" (Hunt). "This herbal has the first European figures of certain American plants, including Indian corn and the great pumpkin" (Sparrow).

Minor fingering to corners.