1502 Grüninger INCUNABULA WOODCUT Virgil Aeneid: Aeneas Declares Funeral Games



24.2 x 17 cm

Trimmed to edges with ample border and some text.

Superb woodcut leaf from one of the great German woodcut books of the Renaissance, and the masterpiece of the artist known as the Late Master of the Grüninger Workshop. Sebastian Brant was commissioned by the publisher to edit the work and based his commentary on that of Cristoforo Landino, adding several poems not in earlier editions of Virgil.

VERGILIUS MARO, Publius (70-19 B.C.). Opera. Edited by Sebastian Brant. Strassburg: Johannes Grüninger, 1502.

The last complete copy of this work to come up at auction was US 35,000 at Christies [Collection of Arthur & Charlotte Vershbow, 2013].

Reference: Adams V-457; Brunet VI:1277; Muther 537; P. Kristeller, Die Strassburger Buchillustration (1888), pp.32-46, no. 99. Fact and Fantasy 12. This edition is rightly acclaimed for its magnificent series of woodcut illustrations by the anonymous Late Master of the Grüninger Workshop.

The highly evocative woodcuts capture the essence of Virgil's Arcadian and rustic landscapes as well as the epic and frequently violent sweep of the Aeneid.

The Woodcut shows a scene from the Book Ten of the Aeneid.

Minor 16th Century manuscript additions.