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Le Clerc (1587-1633) 2 large Bible woodcuts INCARNATION OF SON OF GOD - 1612 - Religious art

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Two extremely rare original woodcuts  (recto and verso).

Verso: Incarnation of the Son of God

Recto: Prophets

Leaf size: 20 x 14.5 cm

First issued in:

[BIBLE.] Figures de la Saincte Bible, accompagnees de briefs discours, contenans la plvs grande partie des histoires sacrées du Vieil & Nouueau Testament. Paris:, 1596.

This example an edition published little later.

Jean LeClerc (1587/88 – buried 20 October 1633) was a 17th-century painter from the Duchy of Lorraine. His style was Baroque, or more specifically "tenebrist". Only six authenticated paintings remain of LeClerc’s work, but numerous etchings and engravings have survived.

LeClerc was born and died at Nancy. He studied with the Venetian master Carlo Saraceni. LeClerc is known for his mastery of nocturnal light effects, and the luminosity of his scenes.