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J. van Schley (1740) Batavia pogrom. Massacre of Chinese. Jakarta East Indies

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J.V. Schley after Bellin

Tableau de la partie de Batavia, ou s'est fait proprement le terrible Massacre des Chinois, le 9 October 1740 [View of the suburb of Batavia where the terrible massacre of the Chinese took place, October 9, 1740

Size: 21.0 x 29.0cm, 8.25 x 11.25 inches

Bird's-eye view of a part of the city of Batavia where fighting and houses in the foreground are on fire, during the Chinese murder of 1740

In the foreground a number of neck-gabled houses, crowned by a reclining moon, are on fire; In the foreground right, some men are loading cannons aimed at the largest house in the row, over the house of the Chinese captain; On the street in front of these houses, a crowd of people in European and Oriental attire are clashing with each other using pistols, knives and clubs; Many people float in the canal next to this street; Fighting is also taking place in nearby streets and people are floating in the canals; To the right is a large building bearing the letter A, Batavia's town hall; Horsemen and soldiers are lined up here; In the background the lands outside the city are depicted. 

The 1740 Batavia massacre (Dutch: Chinezenmoord, literally "Murder of the Chinese"; French: Meurtre des Chinois, literally "Murder of the Chinese"; Indonesian: Geger Pacinan, meaning "Chinatown Tumult") was a pogrom in which Dutch East Indies soldiers and native collaborators killed ethnic Chinese residents of the port city of Batavia (present-day Jakarta) in the Dutch East Indies. The violence in the city lasted from 9 October 1740 until 22 October, with minor skirmishes outside the walls continuing late into November that year. Historians have estimated that at least 10,000 ethnic Chinese were massacred; just 600 to 3,000 are believed to have survived.

Condition: excellent. Wide margins. Vertical folds are as issued.

Excellent condition on fine strong laid paper.