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Daniel Good Rare Books and Engravings

J. Susemihl del. - Large folio - Waxwing - Ornithology - original colour print - 1837

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Susemihl's Deutsche ornithologie oder oder Naturgeschichte aller Vögel Teutschlands... printed between 1800 and 1811 is a "work by which it was attempted to create a German parallel to the sumptuous ornithological works of other countries, most notably those of France, e.g. Levaillant's works, to which it was compared at the time... and with which it is quite comparable on account of its beautiful plates" (Anker).

Here in old matting that measures 51 x 40 cm. Light age potting to margins.

First published between 1800 and 1811, for this second edition the plates were "engraved by C. Susemihl and coloured under his supervision".

References: cf. Anker 52; cf. Great Bird Books 79; c.f. Nissen IVB 907; cf. Zimmer, p.81