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Homann, Johann Baptist - Map of Scotland "Regnum Scotiae" - c 1720

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Superb map of Scotland including the outlying islands. The map is filled with minute detail and hundreds of place names. Superb title and distance scale cartouches surrounded by mythical figures, putti and the royal coat of arms. Very nice impression with original color in map and cartouches uncolored, as was the fashion in this period.

Excellent bright original colour.

Magnae Britanniae Pars Septentrionalis qua Regnum Scotiae . . .

Size: 57 x 47,8 cm

A large map of Scotland, a copy of Visscher's map, with two fine cartouches.


The Homann family was the most important map publisher in Germany in the eighteenth century. The business was established by Johann Baptist Homann (1663-1724) in 1702 and bequeathed to his heirs on the condition that it continued to trade under the name Homann Heirs.

Very good overall condition.