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BERAIN, Jean - Complete collection 6 broadsides of ORNAMENT prints 1712-1724 - Art

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The French rococo comes to Germany

Broadsheets (39 x 28.5 mm). [6] leaves of engravings by various German engravers, mainly after Jean Bérain. Platemarks av. 34 x 28 mm. Condition: Fine impressions; old traces of horizontal folds to plates.

BERAIN, Jean I, artist [and others] WOLFF, Jeremias, publisher.

Published Augsburg: Jeremias Wolff, [ca. 1712-1724].

Unnumbered plate by BÉRAIN of Commodes. Pl. [1-5]: BÉRAIN.](Lieferung) 1: Five numbered plates engraved by Johann Christoph Hafner (1668-1754) [after Bérain], signed Iohann Christoph Haffner sculpsit. Plate 1 with part number No. 1, the rest numbered 2.-5. Plates 1-4 each show several objects (totaling 65 individual objects): clock mounts, clock fronts or medallions, candlesticks, urns, pitchers, and wall sconces; plate 5 is devoted to mostly military classical motifs (tridents, maces, shields, sheaths with arrows, helmets & headdresses, and a harp). 

A collection of engraved designs for artists and craftsmen, consisting of skillful copies by German engravers of the finest French models of the newly fashionable "Régence" style of decoration, introduced by Jean Bérain I, court designer under Louis XIV for theater and festivals, gardens, and, after 1690, for all royal decorations.

The Augsburg art dealer and publisher Jeremias Wolff (1663-1724) was instrumental in disseminating in Germany the sensibility of the French Régence or "pre-Rococo," known locally as the "Laub und Bandlwerk" style, through his concerted publishing program of copies, by local South German engravers, of French ornament engravings.

Distributed in parts (Lieferungen) of five plates each (cf. Weigert), Wolff's ornament prints were used as inspirations for their own designs by German goldsmiths, cabinetmakers, stucco-workers, wall painters, and other craftsmen, as well as by collectors and amateurs. Most are now as rare as the French originals.

Berlin 1939 / Katalog der Ornamentstichsammlung der Staatlichen Kunstbibliothek Berlin

Fuhring 2004 / Ornament Prints in the Rijksmuseum - the Seventeenth Century

Guilmard 1880/1 / Les Maitres Ornemanistes: Écoles Française, Italienne, Allemande et des Pays-Bas (Flamande et Hollandaise) 

Weigert 1937 / Catalogue de l'oeuvre gravé de Jean I Berain