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1860 c. L. Lebreton - Steam Frigate Ship - Folio stone lithograph - Original hand colour - Maritime

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Steam frigates, also known as screw frigates and the smaller steam corvettes, steam sloops and steam schooners, were steam-powered warships that were not meant to stand in the line of battle. The first such ships were paddle steamers. Later on the invention of screw propulsion enabled construction of steam-powered versions of the traditional frigates, corvettes, and sloops.

'Corvette aviso a vapeur. ( Adonis ) Grand Canot a la voile'

Louis Le Breton

Stone lithograph 30 x 23 cm

This example in ORIGINAL HAND COLOUR unlike that held by the Royal Museums Greenwich.

Louis Le Breton (1818 in Douarnenez – 1866) was a French painter who specialised in marine paintings.

Le Breton studied medicine and took part in Dumont d'Urville's second voyage aboard the Astrolabe. After the official illustrator of the expedition died, Le Breton replaced him. From 1847 he devoted himself mainly to depicting marine subjects for the French Navy.