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Daniel Good Rare Books and Engravings

1845 Josiah Wood Whymper (1813-1903) - large coloured woodcut of HIPPOPOTAMUS

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Very rare original coloured woodcut from the series:

'Plates Illustrative of Natural History'. Each volume with letterpress title 'Thirty Plates Illustrative of Natural History, with a short Description annexed to each Plate'

Engraved woodcut with a paragraph of text beneath, giving a brief description of the animal, sometimes with Biblical references to it.

31 x 26.3 cm

It appears these delightful didactic plates were also sold separately and were available at 3/4d. Plain, 2d. Coloured!!

Minor edge wear with 2 closed tears to margin. Tiny tear closed without loss. Minor staining to upper margin. Extremely rare coloured.