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1833 H.R. Schinz (b1777) - Yellow footed TORTOISE - Hand colour stone lithograph

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The yellow-footed tortoise, also known as the Brazilian giant tortoise, commonly referred to as the Brazilian giant turtle, or more commonly, the big turtle, is a species of tortoise in the family Testudinidae and is closely related to the red-footed tortoise. It is found in the Amazon Basin of South America.

Heinrich Rudolf Schinz (1777-1861) (editor)

Karl Joseph Brodtmann (1787-1862) (lithographer) 

Hand coloured Stone lithograph ‘Crayon Manier” from Naturgeschichte und Abildungen der Reptilien

[Natural History and Illustrations of Reptiles] 

Schaffhausen: 1833 

Hand-colored lithographs 

32 x 23.6 cm [c. 13 x 9 inches]

Extremely rare.

Schinz’s work on Amphibians and Reptiles combine scientific accuracy and a sophisticated aesthetic sense in terms of the arrangements of animals on each page. The plates are lithographed by Karl Joseph Brodtmann, one of the most accomplished Swiss lithographers of the day.