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1830 Hieronymous Hess Dance of Death MEMENTO MORI - hand coloured - Councillor

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Stone lithographed by Danzer after Hieronymous Hess


Switzerland, 1841.

Leaf: 34.8 x 28 cm; 13.8 x 11 inches

Extremely rare here on ORIGINAL HAND COLOR

Extremely rare Dance of Death by Hieronymous Hess after Büchel.

Hieronymus Hess (1799-1850) was an artist from Basel. As a young man he studied a few years in Rome among the contemporary artists known as "Nazarenes". Another Nazarene was the Danish sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen and Thorvaldsen's Museum's Internet-site has a number of letters from Hess to Thorvaldsen. Later on, Thorvaldsen through his contacts sent the young Hess to Nuremberg, but Hess preferred caricatures to Dürer.