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Daniel Good Rare Books and Engravings

1829 Set of 4 engravings, M. Hart for Edward's Botanical Register, fine color

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Set of 4 beautiful botanical engravings by J. Watts after M. Hart

Canna indica




Dimensions for each plate:

Height: 9.34 in. (23.7 cm)
Width: 5.91 in. (15 cm)

Published by James Ridgway for the 19th century illustrated horticulture magazine, 'Edwards's Botanical Register', or, Ornamental flower-garden and shrubbery), edited by the famous English botanist, John Lindley (1799-1865), professor of Botany in the University of London.

J. Watts was one of the principal British etchers who produced original etchings and engravings after M. Hart's designs for The Botanical Register and Edward's Botanical Register. Unfortunately, not much information is available on many of the 19th century botanical artists because their works were primarily created for scientific and educational purposes. Nevertheless, these etchings were so specialized and meticulous that they have left behind some of the finest records and portrayals of the 19th century floral world.