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1773 Bellin Rare Krevelt edition Map - Entrance to Corentyn River, Suriname

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Carte de L'Entree de la Riviere de Corentyn

This map of the Courantyne River (on the Guyana/Suriname border) notes depths soundings, small river islands, anchorages, two villages, and the map has a scale of distance.

Rare Dutch edition engraved by Krevelt in 1773.

24.5 x 19.7 cm

Excellent condition.

The Corentyne / Courantyne / Corantijn River is a river in northern South America in the country of Suriname, it is the longest river in the state. The river originates in the Acarai Mountains and flows northward for approximately 724 km (450 miles) between Guyana and Suriname, emptying into the Atlantic Ocean near Corriverton, Guyana and Nieuw Nickerie, Suriname.