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1748 MILITARY BROADSIDE Hostiles acies tormentis ecce! Field Battle

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Scarce Military Broadsheet / Broadside
Hostiles acies tormentis ecce!
Joh. Melch, Fuessli, [1677-1736]
Zürich : ausgegeben von der Militarischen Gesellschaft in Zürich auf das neue Jahr 1729.
43 x 34.5 cm
Printed and published by the Militärischen Gesellschaft in Zürich [Military Society of Zurich, Switzerland].
Old military Broadside published by 'Militarischen Gesellschaft in Zurich'. This society published a series of such Broadsides, one each year, mainly dealing with the topic of infantry warfare and infantry training. 
Condition : Very good condition. Wide margins. original folds carefully flattened.