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1702 Broadside [Einblattdruck] - HISTORIA History Daniel’s Vision Johannes Meyer

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Rare Broadside published as a gift to the youth of Zurich to commemorate the New Year of 1710.

Historia - Die Wissenschaft der Historien

Johannes Meyer

Zurich, 1700 ["Einer Kunst und Tugendliebenden Jugend ab der Burgerlichen Bibliothec am Neüen Jahrstag Ao. 1710 verehrt"].

37.5 x 32.4 cm. Engraving flush mounted at the time of publication.

Central allegorical engraving surrounded by 6 medallions whose captions are in Latin. The text is in German. "Historia, Die Wissenschafft der Historien":

In the central image, in the foreground, a woman writing History with at her feet the allegories of ignorance (inscitia), oblivion (oblivio) and lies (mendacium). It is surrounded by the "lux veritatis" on a pedestal on the left and from the "magistra vitae" to right. In the background appear very many elements: the Tower of Babel swept by strong winds, death with its scythe and an hourglass riding in the clouds, monsters emerging from the raging waters that flood a city (Daniel’s Vision), all under the divine gaze that pierces the clouds. The 6 allegorical vignettes on either side of the main scene represent the virtues associated with History: command, lead (guide), work, piety, eloquence and prudence.

Bibliographical references:

Hollstein's German engravings, etchings and woodcuts, Bd. XXVIII, Amsterdam 1980, S. 40, Nr. 136-157

Condition: Minor surface stains to margin.