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1699 DOPPELMAYR, J.G. Visionis sensum nobilissimum obscuræ cameræ CAMERA OBCURA - Exceedingly rare book!

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DOPPELMAYR, Johann Gabriel.

Visionis sensum nobilissimum ex obscuræ cameræ tenebris luculenter-illustrans dissertatio optico-physica, quam sub præsidio Joh. Christophori Sturmii ... defendet Joh. Gabriel Doppelmayr, etc.

[Altdorf:] literis Henrici Meyeri, [1699].

Illustrated with 1 folded plate. 44 pages. Contemporary speckled paper spine.


Extremely rare disputation written by the great astronomer Doppelmar under the auspices of Joh. Christian Sturm whilst still a student at the University of Altdorf. The work appears to have been largely overlooked (probably due to its extreme scarcity) by those writing on the history of the camera obscura and is as such also of the greatest significance for pre-history photography.

The work discusses the development, construction and uses of the instrument and is one of the earliest publications devoted to the subject.

Exceedingly rare with the engraved plate.

Even age toning. Fraying to edges.