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1668 Francis Barlow (c.1626 -1704) The SLAVE and the LION - Master Engraving - Fables

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Francis Barlow (c.1626 -1704)

27.4 x 20 cm

Published for a series of etchings published to illustrate Ogilby's Fables. It comes from from one of the finest illustrated books of the 17th-century, and this series represents the best of Barlow's work as an illustrator.

One of a small number of etchings by Barlow used as illustrations to the story of Androcles and the lion.

First State

Francis Barlow was an English painter, etcher, and illustrator. He ranks among the most prolific book-illustrators and printmakers of the 17th century, working across several genres: natural history, hunting and recreation, politics, and decoration and design.

Good condition but with tiny rust hole.