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1624 G. Laurus - Theater of Marcellus, Rome, Italy - Copper engraving - Classical Architecture

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The Theater of Marcellus was begun in 44 BC by Julius Caesar, who wanted to create a larger and more grand theater than the one built by the recently defeated Pompey. He appropriated lands for it and started construction. He was assassinated shortly after the project began. The project was not taken up again until Emperor Augustus decided to complete it in 22 BC. He privately funded the project. The theater, though incomplete, opened in 17 BC. It went through a number of renovations, and various uses, but portions are still standing today with the top floors used as apartments.

Lauro, Giacomo ( Jacobus Laurus )

Antiquae Urbis Splendor, Hoc Est Praecipua Eiusdem Templa Amphitheatra Theatra Circi Naumachiae Arcus Triumphales Mausolea .

Romae, Apresso Vitale Mascardi, Roma, 1612-1622.

FINE ENGRAVING from one of the most influential and beautiful works on the monuments and antiquities of ancient Rome. The Antiquae urbis splendor, ('The Splendor of the Ancient City') served as an important reference book and source of inspiration for many writers and artists. Giacomo Lauro was a roman printmaker active from 1583 to about 1650. 

Leaf: 27.5 x 21 cm