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1614 NOAH ARK - 2 bible woodcuts recto & verso of one leaf by Jean Le-Clerc

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This 400 year old hand-colored woodcut is from Jean Leclerc's "FIGURES de la SAINCTE BIBLE" published by Le Clerc in Paris in 1614.


Leclerc (1550-1627) was the engraver as well as the publisher of this outstanding French late-Renaissance woodcuts.  He was of the Venetian School and studied under the Old Master Carlo Saraceni and worked with Caravaggio. Leclerc became an Old Master himself with apprentices such as Francois Vernier.

This is one of the earliest  publications to contain such a glorious collection of fine original Biblical woodcuts by a famous artist.

The images are resto and verso of the same leaf.

20 x 15 cm

Later hand colour in very good overall condition.