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1541 Livy POST INCUNABULA woodcut PUNIC Wars Rare Dutch Edn Councillors at Rome

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Superb POST-INCUNABULA woodcut leaf with woodcut initial and large woodcut view.

From the 1541 Dutch edition of LIVIUS, Titus (59 B.C.-17 A.D.). Romische Historie usz Tito livio gezogen. Translated from Latin into German by Bernhard Schöfferlin

Gothic type.  28.6 x 20.1 cm

Woodcut of the highest quality for the period and reflected in their excellence and deep impression.

This edition was the most copiously illustrated book in early Mainz printing. Although the woodcuts resemble the work of the Late Master of the Grüninger workshop, who illustrated Grüninger's 1502 Virgil, they are probably not from that atelier, since Grüninger's own edition of this translation of Livy, published in 1507, used a different series of illustrations by the Grüninger Master himself. 

(see Adams L-1357; BM STC German p. 521; Muther 645; Roth, Die Mainzer Buchdruckerfamilie Schoeffer (1898) 16,2. (2)).

Minor marginal spotting.