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1517 Folio Gruninger woodcut leaf - Virgil’s Aeneid: Battle Knights in Armour - Post Incunabula

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Very scarce and much sought after woodcut.

Depicts medieval battle scene. 

Turnus is Driven off from Book 9

Folio woodcut leaf: 29.8 x 19.6 with a fine historiated initial

Issued in:

Vergilius Maro, Publius

Opera Vergiliana docte et familiariter exposita (Aeneis Vergiliana cum... commentariis). (Lyon: Jacques Sacon for Cyriacus Hochperg, 20 August and 2 December 1517).

Jodocus Badius Ascensius’s commentary of Virgil’s Aeneid into German (Strasbourg: Johann Grüninger 1517) was accompanied by a startling set of woodcuts from the com- plete edition of Virgil’s works edited by Sebastian Brant of 1502. Research has demonstrated that Brant was involved in the production of the woodcuts as a “concepteur”: the extremely detailed interpretation of the text by means of images implies a thorough knowledge of Virgil’s text, while the resulting visual narrative, in addition to the textual understanding supplied by the Latin writing, creates a striking and absorbing display.

Bibliographic References: Brunet V, 1282; Baudrier XII, 344; Brun 322; Mambelli 136; Mortimer, Italian Books II, 537; Renouard, Badius Ascensius III, 370; not in Murray, Rothschild.

Original woodcut leaf from 1517 with later hand colour.