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1515 Virgil Grüninger Workshop Master Woodcut AENEID Aeneas Asks Entry to Hades - Incunabula Leaf

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Aeneas Asks Entry to Hades

Among the living, Aeneas seeks the guidance of the Sibyl at Cumae, a priestess of Apollo who speaks inspired prophetic utterances. Among the dead, he seeks the counsel of his father.

Large beautiful engraving from Virgil's Aeneid, from a Venetion printing by Giunta. Fine.

29.8 x 20.6 cm


VIRGIL, PUBLIUS MARO (VERGILIUS). Opera accuratissime castigata. I-III. Venice, Lucantonio Giunta, ca 1515.

This Giunta edition from 1515 is rightly acclaimed for its magnificent series of woodcut illustrations based on blocks of the anonymous Late Master of the Grüninger Workshop. According to Essling (I,i, p.75) the woodcuts were first used in an edition printed by Giunta in 1515, but while he was unable to locate a copy of the book he refers to the quantity and importance of the illustrations therein. Subsequently they were used by Giunta in editions of 1519 and 1522.

Very good condition. Later hand colour